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Just two of the many referrals we receive each year.

I thank God for helping me and my kids to get a home. We went from a 2 bedroom apartment to a 4 bedroom home not a house. God is good all the time.  Keasha Johnson 

Thank you Mark and Pam for helping us aquire a great home at a fair price so quickly. Our new home is just what we needed for our growing family. The best part is it the cost is less than we would have paid for a similar home anywhere else with anyone else. No agent or broker would have or could have found us the same deal. You guys are super to work with and made the home easy to afford. Thanks A O Home Solutions.. Tim and Tracy Kell and Family.
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Where can I / We raise the up front money or Down Payment Cash



  • Cash on hand
  • Bank Savings or Checking Account
  • Borrow it From: Parents, Brother, Relative, Friend
  • Cash from: jewelry, coins, refrigerator, furniture
  • Loan from your 401-K (Pay yourself back)
  • IRA ( must be in and out in 60 days)
  • Self directed Roth IRA you loan money to someone and they loan you money
  • Credit Union
  • Pawn a car, truck, boat, 4-wheeler, etc.
  • Stock or Bonds
  • US Government Savings Bonds
  • Overtime Work and or Pay
  • Tax Refund
  • Tax Credits (up to $8000 new home owner)
  • Advance on pay at work
  • Lottery Winnings (just kidding)
  • Get a second job for a while
  • Do a Day Care or Child Care for a while
  • Life insurance policy
  • Have a Renter move in
  • Hard Money Lender
  • 0% Credit Card offer or other Credit Card Advance
  • What can you Trade or sell?
  • Get the Deposit back on your Current Residence
  • Fishing equipment, snowboarding, instruments, piano, etc.


It is up to you but, the sooner you have the cash, the sooner you can own a new home! Now is a great time to get a deal that comes with tax advantages of ownership!



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